L-60-40-SS-FH  Parts Diagram

Flex Hitch Kutter (Small)  


No. Part Number Price Cart
1403001 TIRE AND RIM 40IN - 72IN KUTTER$60.88Add To Cart
2403019 WHEEL FORK 40IN 4FT 5FT 6K$81.84Add To Cart
3191100 FABRICATED HUB ASSEMBLY$22.04Add To Cart
4401024 A-FRAME CONCAVE DECK 5FT KUTTER$103.00Add To Cart
5310099 HEIGHT ADJ BAR$22.39Add To Cart
6184010 40HP GEAR BOX SPLINE 1 to 1.47 2$271.14Add To Cart
7310060 Lift Arm Brace$36.00Add To Cart
8147134 34 PTO SHAFT HD SLIP CLUTCH 81$479.87Add To Cart
9403663 LIFT ARM ASSY-QA FLEX HITCH$157.04Add To Cart
10500001 LIFT PINS - CAT 1$10.37Add To Cart
11502010 SWIVEL LINKS$45.28Add To Cart
12403031 STUMP JUMPER 40HP$129.19Add To Cart
13501124 - 24 IN X 3 IN KUTTER BLADE SET$57.50Add To Cart
14501001 BLADE BOLT SET (KK)$27.82Add To Cart
15501013 WHEEL WASHER KIT$4.69Add To Cart
16501029 PIVOT SHIELD KIT$48.00Add To Cart
17501110 1 IN CASTLE NUT WITH WASHER$14.80Add To Cart
18403973 5FT REAR CHAIN GUARD (FH)$102.80Add To Cart
19403972 5 FT FRONT CHAIN GUARD$158.04Add To Cart
20401031 PIVOT BAR WELDMENT$47.38Add To Cart
21501095 FLEX HITCH SPACER KIT$34.11Add To Cart
22500101 SHEAR BOLT GRADE 2$9.27Add To Cart
23501280 AXLE BOLT WITH NUT$12.65Add To Cart